Rooted in traditional agricultural practices in the city of thousands of flowers, Da Lat, since the 1980s, the corporate culture revolves around four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, representing fundamental values that Accompany Flower aims to embody.

EARTH | A nutrient-rich environment serves as the foundation for robust plant roots, mirroring the core values of every individual: rootedness, nurturing, and having a sense of belonging.

AIR | Essential for all living beings, though intangible, its absence or reduction can lead to unpredictable consequences, highlighting the value of intangibles, something that each individual can create and maintain in their daily work.

WATER | The flow of water sustains life for all beings. Its scarcity is akin to a lack of freshness and vitality. Accompany Flower seeks to instill adaptability and flexibility in each individual, vital qualities in an ever-changing agricultural environment.

FIRE | Symbolizing passion and warmth, it's indispensable. A collective comprising energetic, passionate individuals burning with enthusiasm both in work and life.




1- Adherence to company rules, diligent execution, and internal system perfection. Building strong connections with colleagues and partner customers.

2- Self-care, health, family welfare, understanding the value of the products cared for by each individual daily.

3- Striving for improvement each day, becoming a better version of oneself every 24 hours, with each tomorrow bringing more experience and skill.

4- Showing care and empathy, conquering new limits together, reaching new heights, starting from the smallest things.

Tiny to Giant...