Accompany Flower (ACF) continuously rejuvenates its workforce over time with the goal of ensuring creativity in work and sustaining a significant energy source maintained by the team.

Additionally, we cannot overlook the importance of experienced personnel who contribute to skill training and provide guidance to maintain a harmonious and balanced team.

Most notably, ACF also has a group of personnel who transitioned and developed from traditional agriculture to modern practices. Their skillset fusion represents a unique advantage that any business in Da Lat, Lam Dong, would consider fortunate and promising for both individuals and the business as a whole.



As the Founder and CEO of Hoa Chi An Flower (the parent company of Accompany Flower), Mr. Ho Vu Quoc Hung was born and raised in a family with a 30-year tradition of flower production. Growing up nurtured by the land of Da Lat (the paradise of flowers), he inherited the experience and inspiration to continue his family's legacy and become the second generation to develop the family business, leading to the establishment of Hoa Chi An Flower in 2013.

After a long period of accumulating experience and values, as well as being fortunate to have many opportunities to learn and engage with pioneering agricultural industries such as those in the Netherlands and Japan, Mr. Ho Vu Quoc Hung recognized the special advantages. He founded Accompany Flower in 2023 to address global demand for tissue culture plants alongside leading experts. With a different operating method, structure, investment, and discipline, together with Accompany Flower, Mr. Ho Vu Quoc Hung aims to bring a breath of fresh air and contribute to enhancing the position of the tissue culture industry in Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.



     My name is Huy Nguyen, and I am currently serving as the R&D Manager at Bejo Vietnam Production. Additionally, I work as a consultant for Accompany Flower Tissue Culture Laboratory. In my previous role, I held the position of Laboratory Manager at Dalat Flower Forest Biotechnology Corporation, where I was responsible for overseeing the production of tissue culture plants. These plants achieved successful exportation to various countries, including Belgium, the United States, and Japan. Subsequently, I transitioned into a role as a researcher at the Tay Nguyen Institute for Scientific Research, specializing in Plant Breeding and Plant Molecular Biology.

     Throughout my professional journey, I have remained deeply committed to advancing plant science and contributing to the agricultural industry. My particular passion lies in collaborating with companies dedicated to producing high-quality tissue culture plants and engaging in the breeding of new flowers, ornamental plants, and vegetables. My overarching goal is to contribute to the development of plant varieties that not only thrive in diverse environments but also generate substantial income for growers.


     Graduating from Dalat University with a major in Biotechnology, Ms. Trinh Do Tu Nhi has accumulated a wealth of experience in tissue culture engineering, apex growth culture, and other in vitro tissue culture techniques.

     In addition to her passion for Sports and Travel, which reflects her dynamic and creative spirit, and her desire for exploration and conquest, Ms. Trinh Do Tu Nhi will bring this enthusiasm into her work and family life.

     In her role as Production Manager, Ms. Trinh Do Tu Nhi is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the company. She continuously researches and develops innovative solutions to enhance the production capabilities of the team. Additionally, she creates a professional and positive working environment to promote optimism and pride within the team. This determination and commitment are not only reflected in the numbers but also in Ms. Trinh Do Tu Nhi's pride and belief in each product individually and the long journey with Accompany Flower as a whole.



     With 10 years of experience in the Tourism & Events industry, along with skills in building logical operational processes and managing teams tightly, Mr. Tran Trung brings a fresh perspective to the agricultural sector in general and the tissue culture industry in particular in Da Lat, Lam Dong. He currently serves as the Manager of the parent company, Hoa Chi An Flower, before joining Accompany Flower in a similar position.

     Starting as a service builder, with a passion for exploration and experiencing nature, and analyzing multidimensional values, Mr. Tran Trung desires to contribute to the transformation of the modern agricultural sector in the Industry 4.0 era. He aims to expand the profile of Vietnamese flower agriculture with Asia and the world. Mr. Tran Trung has proposed and implemented upgrades to enhance internal recognition and digital management operations within Accompany Flower. Through these efforts, he aims to accompany Accompany Flower in providing domestically and internationally standardized tissue culture products step by step.




As someone who works meticulously and has a tendency to quickly grasp existing issues, with a strong ability to convey and connect information, Ms. Le Uyen Vy is also a standout enthusiast in the LAB department.

With a desire to learn and develop herself in a new environment, as well as enhance her professional skills and accumulate experience for long-term growth with Accompany Flower, Ms. Le Uyen Vy also yearns to conquer new challenges and achieve significant accomplishments in the future alongside the ACF Team.